Your Personal Locker for everyday valuables

It's safe. It's portable. It's compact.

Introducing India's first-of-its kind personal locker for everyday use. Goldilocks is the perfect
safe for you to store your daily valuables like keys, credit cards, watches, glasses, wallet, etc.

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good things come in small packages

    Tough metal build The material ensures you don't comprise on security.
    Smart touch panel Lock and unlock at the touch of a finger.
    Tamper alert Sounds alarm when tampered with.
    Portable Carry it wherever you go.
    Laptop lock compatible Get additional security with locking cable.
    Soft touch interior Safeguard your valuables and keep it scratch free.
    Ultra modern design Ergonomically designed for easier access

a home for all your daily valuables

Very often we end up keeping our daily valuables at random places and worry about it when it gets misplaced. Worry no more!

Introducing the new Goldilocks that secures your everyday things like credit cards, iPod, sunglasses, rings, keys, etc. in a secure locker.


about goldilocks

Small things make a big difference

Inspired from the story 'Goldilocks and the three bears', Goldilocks is designed to offer you the 'right' locker for your everyday needs. Its sleek design and compact structure lets you store your everyday valuables like mobile, keys, wallet, iPods, etc.
Goldilocks comes in two attractive colours, and with a host of features like smart touch panel, anti-theft buzzer, and a smart locking cable. The safe might be small, but its utility is immense. Along with a smart manager, Goldilocks also helps you organize your things.

Your personal locker has finally arrived!

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goldilocks wally trio

Personal yet shared

It is quite a hassle when we misplace our daily valuables and spend precious time and mental energy trying to locate them. With the Goldilocks Wally Trio - India's first multi-compartment locker - keep your daily use items safe and within easy reach. Simply mount our safe on a wall where you can easily access it.

The Goldilocks Wally Trio features three compartments, each of which is a personal locker by itself. What's more, a unique password can be set for each individual compartment, giving a user access to his or her compartment only. The Goldilocks Wally Trio also comes with an in-built vibration sensor that sounds an alarm if the locker is tampered with.

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